Hope & Future

Jeremiah 29:11

Clean clothing, hot meals, a safe home, a caring family ~ these are the last things a child needs to worry about. Unfortunately, this is often the case. In 2018, 16,796 boys and girls in North Carolina were removed from their families because of abuse, neglect and addiction issues that crippled parents. But through your prayers and offerings, Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) welcomes these children into caring cottage homes and family foster care homes where compassionate adults not only take care of their every need,

they share with them the unconditional love of Jesus.

Hope, that had once faded, is restored!

A future, that had been stolen, is returned!


Please pray for the BCH Ministry and the lives we serve together.

Through your offering, 94,275 lives were impacted in 2018.

In the past five years, 669 decisions for Christ were proclaimed.

Annual Offering Goal: $1.5 million